.67 caliber, 20″ smooth bore rifled barrel  with  captivated ramrod underneath.   “TOWER” under the “Crown (V-R) 1847 ”  stamped lockplate,  finished blue.  Full length walnut stock with brass mounts and buttplate.   The ramrod groove is stamped (HULL with the V over the Crown and the Broad Arrow inspection.)   The buttstock is stamped “WHEELER” on the underside.   Various other stamps are visible on stock.  The barrel in addition to the proof markings is stamped with a variety of amours letters and numbers.   In very fine untouched original condition with the barrel showing blue mixing with smooth plumb patina.  The lock much the same.  Very fine wood and crisp stamps.   Mellow unpolished brass mounts and buttplate.   Very nice bore.   Mechanically excellent.    Very difficult to fine in this original condition.

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