3-1/2″ Ovate twisted bbls are engraved “LONDON” on top flats. There are some engraved bands along with a platinum band at breech ends. Breech irons with integral filed rear sights are deeply engraved with globe and foliate motifs. Small locks with integral semi-waterproof pans and bridled roller frizzens, have rebated lockplates. Plates are fitted with serpentine flat faced cocks and back sliding safeties. There is feather engraving on rebates and in front of cocks, with cocks having floral engraving. “Mortimer” is on each lockplate. European walnut stocks with checkered bag grips are steel mounted and attach to bbls with single side nails. Trigger guards have stand of arms engraving on bows and have stylized pineapple finials. Horn tipped hickory ramrods with worms mount through small beaded pipes and tailpipes. Rectangular silver escutcheons at tops of grips are engraved “W H C” matching inlet rectangle on case lid, engraved “Captain W. H. Carver”. Mahogany case with inlet D-ring handle and key lock closure, is lined in green baize and contains essentially all of what appear to be orig accessories including ebony tipped rosewood and brass loading rod/ worm, nutcracker type steel round ball mold marked “38″, a small brass bodied faceted bag powder flask, walnut handled turnscrew with side blade, as well as some round balls, and small flints under covered compartments with ring handles.

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