.45-100-550 caliber, 34″ round barrel, deluxe checkered forend and buttstock. Casehardened streamlined frame and hammer unique to the 1877 model. The original sight numbered to the rifle include Vernier rear with positions at the wrist and heel. The front is the factory windgauge spirit level. In stunning original condition with generous amounts of casehardening remaining on the frame and lock. The barrel with nearly all of the blue and wood is excellent.

The factory records indicate that this was an “O” rifle and built by Charles Overbaugh the factory designer of this model. It was invoiced on June 7,1877 to Mr. Frank Hyde of the Sharps Rifle Co. Mr. Hyde represented the factory at the Creedmoor Long Island range in August and shot the highest score recorded at that time with this rifle, 225 at 1000 yds. In Sept. at the international matches for 1877 he shot for the American Team placing fifth with a two day score of 3334 of a possible 3600.

This is an extremely rare and important rifle. It is accompanied by an extensive factory letter.

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