10.75x68mm Mauser caliber (similar to .404 Jeffery).   26″ barrels with automatic ejectors and raised quarter rib with four leaf folding express sights.  The frame and barrels were supplied by Sempert & Krieghoff in 1929 to the Hoffman Arms Co.   It was stocked,  and finished by Seymour Griffin formerly of Griffin & Howe.  The receiver although unsigned appears to be beautifully engraved by Rudolph Kornbraith and has  “HOFFMAN ARMS CO”  in a banner on each side.  Checkered forend and pistol grip buttstock with engraved grip cap and ending with a hard rubber pad.  Condition is very high retaining considerable barrel blue, excellent casehardened finish on the receiver and triggerguard.  Super wood and checkering.  Beautiful mint bores.  Weight: 9lbs 6oz.  LOP: 14 1/8″   Comb: 1 1/2″  Heel: 2 1/4″.   This rifle is very accurate and with the proper load and  bullet will handle most anything.

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